vSphere Storage

IOPs and Block Size

The Jargons used in the performance world. Some times they are overwhelming. Hence explaining them in the simplest way. Mr Sam and Mr Ron are friends. They both are daily wage workers. They both wanted to open a bank account in ABC bank. But Back is asking $500 as a deposit. Mr Sam earns $20 …

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Throughput & Bandwidth

Technical Jargons  Tried to explain the Jargons used in the performance world in the simplest form possible. Kindly let us know if you face any difficulty in understanding the concepts.  Throughput  Bandwidth Examples:  A Shopping mall   Edit Image The machine from the image is to be familiar to most of us. It is a People …

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High Stun time during snapshot removal on VVOL

SAN transport is not supported for backup or restore of virtual machines residing on VVol datastores. To overcome this limitation nowadays many organization prefer to use VMware hot add backup. How Hot add backup works? Backup software runs in a virtual appliance, it takes a snapshot and create a linked clone of the target virtual …

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