Chunking: Abacus Success in 6 Months, Asmi’s Abacus Journey

Let me share a heartwarming experience about my daughter, Asmi, and how we used the concept of chunking to transform her Abacus learning journey. Asmi had been practicing Abacus for over two years, but the daunting 1.5-year course still lay ahead of her. As time went on, she started feeling bored and lost interest in the course, leading her to avoid the coursework and practice irregularly. Consequently, her expertise began to wane, undermining all the hard work she had put in over the past two years.

One night, as I noticed her dissatisfaction, I decided it was time to find a solution to reignite her passion for Abacus. Together, we sat down and visualized her big goal – completing the remaining 5 levels of the course. She was currently at the 6th level, with each level having three books, each book containing four chapters, and each chapter consisting of nine pages to solve. We did some calculations and found that there were 540 pages remaining for her to complete to finish the entire course.

Inspired by the concept of chunking, we realized that breaking down this large task into smaller, achievable parts could be the key to rekindling her enthusiasm. We made a plan – if she solved three pages a day, dedicating 30 minutes to the task, she could complete the entire course in just six months!

When I shared this idea with Asmi, her eyes sparkled with excitement. She loved the idea of setting daily goals and working consistently towards her dream. From that day onward, she eagerly started her daily practice of solving three pages. The repetitive nature of the course no longer seemed monotonous; instead, it became a stepping stone towards her ultimate achievement.

Asmi’s dedication to chunking paid off in more ways than one. Not only did her skills in Abacus improve, but her commitment to daily practice also instilled discipline and determination in her character. The progress she saw each day fueled her motivation, making her more focused and enthusiastic than ever before.

Seeing Asmi flourish and achieve her goals was immensely gratifying. The power of chunking had transformed her learning experience and reignited her love for Abacus. With each passing day, she came closer to completing the course she once found overwhelming.

This journey taught us the significance of breaking down big tasks into smaller, manageable chunks. Chunking not only enhanced her Abacus skills but also became a valuable life lesson. It taught her the value of consistent effort, the joy of setting and achieving goals, and the satisfaction of turning a seemingly daunting task into an achievable reality.

As a parent, witnessing Asmi’s growth and resilience through chunking was truly rewarding. It showed me that with the right approach and a little bit of determination, anything is possible. Chunking has become an invaluable tool in our lives, and I’m grateful for the positive impact it has had on my daughter’s journey of learning and growth.

So, if you or your loved ones face challenges or big goals, I encourage you to consider the power of chunking. Break those goals down into smaller steps, stay consistent, and watch as you inch closer to your dreams each day. Remember, the journey may have obstacles, but with chunking, you have the power to conquer them all and achieve greatness.

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