Does the port number changes when a VM on DVS is migrated?

When you migrate a virtual machine (VM) that is connected to a distributed switch (vDS) in VMware vSphere, the port number assigned to the VM may change, depending on the specific circumstances of the migration.

If you are performing a vMotion migration of the VM within the same vDS, the port number will not change, as the VM will retain its original port assignment on the vDS. However, if you are migrating the VM to a different vDS, the port number may change, as the new vDS may have a different configuration or a different number of available ports.

If you have configured the vDS to use static port binding, the VM will retain its original port assignment, regardless of the destination vDS. However, if you are using ephemeral port binding, the port number may change during migration.

In summary, whether the port number changes or not depends on the specific configuration of the vDS and the type of migration being performed.

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