vSAN Skyline Health Check

vSAN Health Check is a feature built into VMware vSphere that allows you to monitor the health and performance of your vSAN cluster. It’s important to regularly run vSAN Health Checks to ensure optimal performance and availability of your vSAN storage.

vSAN Health Checks can be run using the vSphere Web Client or through command-line tools like the esxcli and RVC (Ruby vSphere Console) commands. Here are some of the health checks that can be performed:

1. Hardware Compatibility

The first step in ensuring a healthy vSAN cluster is to ensure that your hardware is compatible. vSAN Health Check verifies that your hardware meets the minimum requirements for vSAN and that your storage devices are on the VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG).

2. Network Configuration

vSAN Health Check verifies that the network configuration of your vSAN cluster is set up correctly. This includes ensuring that the MTU size is configured correctly and that the vSAN VMkernel adapter is configured properly.

3. Disk Balance

Disk balance is an important aspect of vSAN performance. vSAN Health Check ensures that disk groups are balanced across hosts and that each disk group has a similar amount of capacity and performance.

4. Storage Device Health

vSAN Health Check monitors the health of storage devices to ensure that they’re functioning properly. It checks for issues like disk failures, high latency, and other problems that can impact vSAN performance.

5. vSAN Services

vSAN Health Check verifies that all vSAN services are running properly. This includes services like vSAN Health Service, vSAN Witness Service, and vSAN HCL DB Service.

6. Cluster Capacity

vSAN Health Check verifies that the capacity of your vSAN cluster is sufficient. It checks for things like available disk space, free memory, and CPU utilization.

7. Data Protection

Data protection is a critical aspect of any storage solution. vSAN Health Check verifies that your data protection settings are configured correctly and that data is being protected according to your requirements.

In conclusion, vSAN Health Check is an essential tool for monitoring the health and performance of your vSAN cluster. Regularly running vSAN Health Checks can help you identify potential issues before they impact your storage environment and ensure that your vSAN cluster is functioning optimally.

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